Oct 072012

Last night, we had a great night at The Swan in Pangbourne to celebrate Val’s 70th Birthday.

We had their “bunker” room to ourselves and spent the evening eating some good food, drinking a few glasses of wine etc. and generally having a lovely family time.

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Jan 062012

As we have been very lax at updating the blog recently (mostly due to Facebook being more immediate), I thought I’d walk through Alexander’s year in pictures so that everyone can see what a busy and exciting year he has had.

The year started back in January with Alexander starting pre-school at Westwood Farm. He has really settled in there and still enjoys going to school. He has lots of friends and gets invited to parties regularly.

Alexander has still kept in touch with old friends – we all visited Minnie and her family in January.

Not to be put off by the cold, we took a trip to Swanage in early March for some chips and ice-cream by the beach.

By the end of March the weather was looking good again and Alexander was allowed to take a cuddly toy home from pre-school for doing so well.

March is lambing season and the RDCS made their annual visit to the farm to see the lambs and have a picnic. This year, Alison took part in the lambing and acted as mid-wife for one “lucky” lamb.

Mum and Dad came down for a visit and we had some nice weather again in April. Mum celebrated her Birthday with afternoon tea at the Dorchester.

At the start of May, we went off for a couple of weeks of Disney magic in sunny Florida. Alexander had a ball, he loved all the characters and rides and also the beach and pool etc.


Peppa Pig World opened up at Paultons Park and Alexander went down to check it out with Amy and Hannah in June.

Ruby and Jasmine joined Alexander in Bucklebury Farm for some fun with the animals and activities there too.

The Mortimer village fete was in July with a hawk display, police and fire engines there …

RDCS had their annual visit to Camp Mohawk, at the start August, where there were many outdoor activities including swimming in the really warm outdoor pool, archery and a climbing wall. Alexander had a go at all of them, but Alison was Queen of the climbing wall!

Later in August Alexander and Alison spent a week in Eastbourne at Gillian’s flat. It coincided with the air show and on the Saturday it was a beautiful day so we watched the show from the beach, although Alexander was more interested in the stones than the Red Arrows, in this shot.

At the end of August we spent a week in Scotland and had good weather (mostly) for once! We had a day trip to Millport and went crabbing …

We also had some nice walks …

All of this was in the lead up to Alexander starting school for real in September. He has been getting on really well at school and goes in with a skip and a smile every morning.

Alexander turned 5 in September…

…and had a great part with his friends from school.

Alexander also started learning to ride this year and has been a regular at the stables

October ended with Halloween and our little devil loves everything to do with Halloween (as does his Mother!).

Alexander had his first “official” school photo in November

Then we were into the holiday season again, with Christmas and all the excitement that brings. This year was even more exciting as Alexander met Justin Fletcher (from CBBC) after the panto at the Hexagon in Reading.

We looked at going away for New Year – somewhere with a beach where we could relax and enjoy the good weather. Well, we made it to the beach …

That brings us to the end of 2011. Lots of things have been happening and Alexander has been getting on really well. Speech continues to improve and he is doing well at school. He still needs lots of help and support but it does seem to be working.

As you can see from the photos he is loving life and having a great time with all the activities he gets involved in.


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Oct 222011

Lovely sunny autumn day at legoland so far.

Alexander took his driving test again!

Off to see the pirate show in a bit and the fireworks when it gets dark.


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