Sep 062011

Alexander had his first day of big school today.

He was quite excited this morning heading off in the pouring rain, he wanted to see his new teacher but, more importantly, he seemed to be very excited about having lunch in school.

His day seems to have gone well, he had a good time with old and new friends but I haven’t found out from him how lunch was yet (although he didn’t seem to be starving so it couldn’t have been that bad).



There he is looking like a smart grown up boy … doesn’t time fly?

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Jul 302011

Thought we would try a weekend of camping. First time for Alexander so anything could happen.

Slow journey down to Swanage but the sun came out as we arrived and after putting the tent up we hit the beach.

Alexander had a great time finding crabs and shrimps.


After that we met up with the Wills’ and Alison got straight into the wine.


Then it was back into town to queue for fish and chips.


Then off to the fun fair for some rides as the fireworks display started.


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Apr 242011

Just coming back in from the first dive this year. 5-6m vis but still a bit chilly.
Gaz and I managed to catch a good sized lobster. I reckon it will be Gaz and Tanya’s dinner tonight.




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