Oct 222011

Lovely sunny autumn day at legoland so far.

Alexander took his driving test again!

Off to see the pirate show in a bit and the fireworks when it gets dark.


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Jul 302011

Thought we would try a weekend of camping. First time for Alexander so anything could happen.

Slow journey down to Swanage but the sun came out as we arrived and after putting the tent up we hit the beach.

Alexander had a great time finding crabs and shrimps.


After that we met up with the Wills’ and Alison got straight into the wine.


Then it was back into town to queue for fish and chips.


Then off to the fun fair for some rides as the fireworks display started.


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Jan 022011

Just been for a ride on the model train track run by the Reading Society of Model Engineers.

They run a public open day on the first Sunday of each month and take the public for rides on various steam and other (diesel or electric maybe) locomotives. There are various sizes and we had a ride on three different trains today.

Here is a bit of video of one of the steam train trips around the track (taken on Alison’s iphone).

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