Jan 122011

Alexander started pre-school last Thursday.

He will go there mornings a week until he starts school properly in September.

He loves it at the moment and rushes up to me in the evenings to tell me that he has been to school each day. He is only there from 9am to noon, so Alison is running back and forth to drop him off and pick him up again.

He is going to Westwood Farm Infant School which is about 20 mins or so away in the car. We would have preferred that Alexander go to a local school but Westwood farm has a Hearing Impaired Resource which caters for pupils with severe to profound hearing losses and as this would be available to him each and every day it seemed like the best thing we could do for him.

His pre-school class is going to have 26 children in it – so it will be busy and noisy. However, Alexander is getting one to one support from Emma Gennard, who was his support teacher at nursery. He should be well catered for.

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