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The Bells

The Bells

Welcome to our blog.

We will endeavour to keep these pages updated with stuff going on in our lives.

Thanks for visiting and feel free to comment etc.

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  1. Sending you all our love & best wishes.

  2. Alan,
    your young cousin Stuart here, my sister Alison brought your blog to my attention.Unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to meet young Alexander in the flesh due to one thing or another. You must be a very proud father, what an absolutely gorgeous son you have, he looks like he will be a big bruiser like yourself!! my thoughts are with you,

    Stuart Reid XXXXX.

  3. Hi guys

    So glad that op went ahead and that Alexander is now on the road to recovery. All our thoughts are with you. Hopefully you will be free to get home asap and Alexander can start getting into mischief with his little buddies….

    Call if you need anything.

    Love Keith, Wendy, Will & Freddie x

  4. It’s 12:15 and I’ve just managed to get into a nick with internet access!! Read the 0940 update. Sounds promising if he’s still in there…? Will keep checking later for updates.. Nice photo by the way, wouldn’t mind an email copy of that one! Gaz & Tan xx

  5. What a fantastic idea – will definitely log in over the weekend to keep up with Alexander’s progress.

    Good luck xxxx

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