May 132011

So the holiday is coming to an end sadly and I’m not sure how we are going to manage Alexanders daily request of ‘we going on a holiday today?’ meaning are we going to a park today???

We went to Blizzard Beach yesterday, most of the rides were too much for Alexander, but as Alan and I hadn’t been there before, we thought we would pay it a visit. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time, and after lots of encouragement Alexander mastered most of the kids rides and really enjoyed himself! We did plan to go back to Hollywood Studios to watch a late show that evening, but Alexander asked to go to bed on the way home and slept for a mammoth 13 hours – sadly not all in his own bed!!!

Today we hit Universal again, to do some rides we hadn’t been able to do the first visit and to revisit some that Alexander enjoyed the first time around. And of course we had to get some more photos with characters along the way…Alan has lots more photos but the only live ones we can post at present are taken on my iPhone…






May 112011

I’m a bit worried about Alan, he is really loving the food, I’ve told him to cut back before things get out of hand…but as you can see, I think it’s too late!!!!!


May 102011

A late visit to Epcot today gave us the booty we had been hunting for – The Fab Five! We queued to meet Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto and Goofy, as you can imagine Alexander was very excited!

Yesterday we went to Clearwater for a park free day on the beach – BLISS!!!!! We all had a great time and spent most of it in the sea! It was a carefully mastered plan so that Alexander slept for a while on the way home to re charge his batteries, before we headed back to Disney for the Electric Light Parade and Firework Display – which Alexander loved! He also loved going on the Runaway Train in the dark and back to the Haunted House or Halloween as Alexander calls it (yet again) for another ride, it’s his favourite ride so I expect we’ll be on it again before we leave! It was midnight before we got home, so we are all feeling a bit tired today, plus we think it must have hit a 100 degrees today as it was a roaster!!

It’s a water park or Animal Kingdom for us tomorrow depending on how early we all wake :-)